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It has been drawn to our attention by new members that our On Line Membership is confusing.  For the sake of clarification and good order, we detail below.

Our On Line Membership form is to be used when purchasing membership from our shop on line.  You purchase the required membership, you pay via paypal and you then complete the on line membership form including the unique paypal transaction/ receipt id and then you press submit, this then enables the form to be sent to us.

Do not print out the form it is not a printer friendly form, it is purely for on line purchases.

Cards WILL NOT be sent out you need to collect them from the Pod.

If you do not wish to purchase on line, please visit the Pod, pick up a paper membership form and complete, you then pay cash at the pod for your membership.  Cards will not be issued on match days as obviously it is time consuming and you will need to return on the next Pod opening to collect the card.

As in previous years, please note you CANNOT purchase members only travel, until you actually collected your card from the Pod.  Please do not ask to purchase until you have your card as refusal may offend.  Any on line purchases for members only travel which do not quote a membership number will unfortunately be refunded.

Membership cards remain the property of Swans Travel Club, are non transferable and can be withdrawn at any time.  (Memberships can take upto 7 days to be processed.)  There will be an admin charge of 3.50 to provide replacement membership cards, identification will be required.

2019/2020 Membership Applications will close at 9am Thursday 29th November 2019.

Hope this is clearer.

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