Membership Form Season 2019-2020
Prior to completing this form you will need to purchase the correct membership from the Booking/Purchasing page and then complete the Unique Paypal Transaction ID as below. PLEASE NOTE THE PAYPAL TRANSACTION ID IS NOT YOUR EMAIL OR NAME IT IS THE UNIQUE ID WHICH IS A MIXTURE OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS YOU GET FOLLOWING YOU PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL. After completing all the details click on the SUBMIT button. By clicking the SUBMIT button you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Travel. (Memberships can take upto 7 days to be processed and will need to be collected from the Trust/Travel Club Pod at the Stadium, openings as per the Pod Opening Page).

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  One box:  5.00 Child/OAP [under18/over 65]
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By completing this form and applying for membership you are agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions of travel. After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button. Admin charge of 4 will apply for replacement cards if lost.
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