Please note that payments for coach travel bookings at the Travel Club / Trust Pod are strictly CASH ONLY. On line bookings via the Booking / Purchasing page.  On line bookings will be available via the Ticket Office - as in previous years bookings via the Ticket Office are for pick up in Swansea ONLY and NON MEMBERS.

Bookings are non transferable, receipts to be produced on boarding.  Refunds are not given unless in exceptional circumstances.

Anyone booking who has previously been banned from travelling will be refused boarding of the coach at the point and time of departure and no monies will be refunded.

No bookings on line of parties of more than 6 people will be accepted without prior contact, if payment is made without contact first it will automatically be refunded.

We are receiving requests for bookings of multiple under 18's with one adult, unfortunately we cannot accept these as if one the under 18's is taken ill away from home the adult and all the other under 18's would have stay behind as we do not have the manpower to look after the children on the coaches.  Our apologies for this but the safety and welfare of the children are our main concern. 

Verbal or physical abuse of the volunteers taking the bookings will not be tolerated and may result in you being refused passage. 

It is your responsibility to note departure times, point of departure and coach number. Please note all up to date information can be found on our website.  

You will be dropped off where you were picked up, there will be no extra drop off points on the way home.  All pick ups are notified to the Coach company and timed accordingly.

Passengers will not consume or possess alcohol/illegal substances on Club coaches, if you are found to have these substances you might be ejected from the coach at the Stewards discretion, at the nearest point where the coach can stop safely. Passengers who try to board coaches under the influence of the above will be refused passage.

Unfortunately NO HOT FOOD is allowed to be consumed on ANY coach.

All coaches are NON SMOKING this includes E cigarettes.

Passengers will refrain from acts which could cause damage to Travel Club coaches. This includes, but not limited to, banging windows, fighting, throwing objects or deliberate damage to seats or other parts of the coaches. Passengers found guilty of such damage will be charged for same.

Passengers must abide by the instructions of the Stewards at all times; they are given for a reason and often for your safety. Physical or verbal abuse of Stewards will not be tolerated.

Passengers will refrain from unnecessarily littering coaches.

Passengers to respect the feelings of fellow passengers, stewards and drivers and will refrain from using foul language, obscene gestures and aggressive /hostile behaviour.

It is the passengers’ responsibility to make the Travel Club aware of any medical condition that may be relevant. We can accommodate wheelchair users on most trips as long as you are able to board the coach. Regarding motorised scooters unfortunately these can only be accommodated if you are accompanied by someone who is able to lift the scooter on board the coach.

Passengers found in possession of offensive weapons on coaches will be subject to instant and indefinite suspension.

If necessary, passengers who misbehave will be put off the coach at the Stewards discretion, at the nearest point where the coach can stop safely or reported to the nearest police station.

All under 18’s to be accompanied by an adult. You may be asked to provide age ID at time of booking or boarding the coach, please ensure you have some. 

ID maybe requested at time of boarding from any passenger.

No booking is confirmed via Travel Club website until you receive a confirmation email from us, You will not receive a ticket through the post from the Travel Club.

If you are a member your card MUST be produced at time of booking at Pod for discount to apply – NO CARD – NO DISCOUNT – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Membership cards remain the property of Swans Travel Club, are non transferable and can be withdrawn at any time.  (Memberships can take upto 7 days to be processed.)

If your card is lost, an admin charge will apply to replace and proof of identity will be required.

Membership cards need to be picked up from the Trust / Travel Club Pod situated at the Stadium, they will not be posted to you.  



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